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About Company

LANS Corporation: History In Brief

LANS Corporation counts its historical landmarks since May 1992, when this privately-owned corporation was established in magnificent St.Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia (5 mln. people approx.). Initially, it was a group of highly-skilled engineers, who were truly enthusiastic about developing, mounting and servicing some sophisticated satellite antenna systems (SMATV). In parallel, the group had also been taking its first steps in planning and installing cable TV (CATV) and terrestrial TV (MATV) networks. Most of those activities were initially run across St.Petersburg and its surroundings.

Already in early 1993, feeling some obvious lack of stable supplies of top-quality TV antenna products, LANS began gradually turning into an importer/distributor of such top-class stuff. Simultaneously, we fully kept our widely-grown Technical Department for continued work-in-the-field (and, certainly for designing/developing up-to-date TV-reception networks, for testing new/complicated products, which constantly challenge the market, etc).

Those were the very first foreign partners (suppliers) to LANS: WISI (Germany), KTI (USA), AURORA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS (Sweden). Then came IKUSI (Spain), CAVEL (Italy), COBER (Italy), UNAOHM (Italy), CALIFORNIA AMPLIFIER (USA), LENSON HEATH (UK), etc.

Our sales/distribution activities have been extending and improving throughout the years (starting from early 1993 and continuing into the present days). In 1997 the St.Petersburg headquarters was joined by a large Moscow branch («SPM GROUP Ltd»). Then, by the year of 1999 LANS formed its nationwide sales network, that integrated representative offices in such major cities as Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Tiumen, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Sotchi as well as a vast number of loyal dealers all over the country of Russia.

For the time being LANS Corporation delivers a whole range of the most reliable products and services, which are usually demanded by national telecom/television operators for the purpose of building some modern HFC (Hybrid-Fiber-Coax) and pure fiber-optics networks, intended to bring both digital television and data (Ethernet) signals to subscribers:

— we import goods and distribute them among our representative offices

— we develop wholesale trade activities all over Russia (as well as in the neighbouring states)

— we also ship directly from either St.Petersburg or Moscow to some dealers/customers in Russia and beyond

— we provide strong, essential technical support to all our sales;

—we precisely fulfill warranty obligations for all the stuff sold, i.e. we replace/repair/service faulty products and supply necessary spare parts

— we design modern CATV-HFC-FTTx networks (a respective federal license is available); we build these networks with our own labour force
(a few brigades of professional installers are available on the grounds of our St.Petersburg headquarters); we provide all the start-up and
subsequent technical maintenance procedures to the above-listed networks/systems.
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